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Swimming with Wild Spotted Dolphin in Bimini, Bahamas

Food! April 5, 2010

You’re probably wondering why I have a page dedicated to Food on my blog since Bimini is NOT known for it’s epicurian delights (and it probably never will be!).  Here’s the deal with food on the island of Bimini:  the restaurants are few and far between; menu choices are limited; much of the food is fried; prices are high.  There’s not much in the way of choices or options!  As such, we know how important it is when you travel away from home to get a good, if not great, meal.   So we have brought our own chef to the island along with all the fresh, delicious food that make vacations memorable!  In the morning our senses are awakened to baked goods, hot out of the oven, and an array of cereals, yogurt, eggs, pancakes, coffee, tea, etc.  We have fresh fruits and salads daily and each evening our chef has a theme for the meal (my favorite is Italian night!).   Often we get back to the hotel later in the evening, after a wonderful day of dolphin swimming, and are greeted by heavenly smells wafting out of the kitchen.

Here are a few pictures:


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