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Swimming with Wild Spotted Dolphin in Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini, Bahamas March 26, 2010

So where is Bimini anyway? 

The island of Bimini is 50 miles east of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is part of the Bahamian chain of islands in the Caribbean.  Bimini is made up of three major islands:  North, South and East Bimini.  The island is seven miles long and only several hundred feet wide.  Most of the islands’ population, about 1,600 residents, live in Bailey Town in North Bimini, while the main tourist center is in Alice Town, also on North Bimini.  Most of the hotels, restaurants and fishing operations can also be found here.  It’s believed that this tiny island was once part of the lost continent of Atlantis.  But today it’s the fishing that makes this island known throughout the world, as well as swimming with the wild dolphins.

It was on Bimini that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr retreated to compose famous speeches and where Ernest Hemingway enjoyed writing and fishing.  You can explore Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth on the South island as well as the Bimini Nature Trail or venture over to the East island and float in the Healing Hole which is known for its healing minerals,  peace and tranquility.   Also on the East island is a 500 foot long shark-shaped mound thought to be thousands of years old and rises 10 feet above water.  Nearby is a rectangular-shaped mound, with a projection at one end that looks like a fish-hook.  Next to that is a cat-shaped mound with a wide open mouth and several other creature-shaped mounds rising above the mangroves.

As you stroll around the island, you will encounter the unsurpassed warmth and hospitality of the residents, who will always greet you with a smile!  I look forward to exploring Bimini with you when you come to swim with the wild dolphins!


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