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Swimming with Wild Spotted Dolphin in Bimini, Bahamas

Staying in touch with the Bimini Wild Spotted Dolphins July 31, 2010

During our program weeks, we were lucky enough to have Kel Sweeting not only on the boat for several outings but she also took the time to visit with us at the hotel and speak about the dolphins that we were seeing and swimming with.  She has been performing research with the Dolphin Communication Project on this pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins for several years now and easily identifies many on sight!  She shared with us photos and facts about the pod as well as some of the “names” and possible ages. 

The names are given by folks that donate to the organization, otherwise they are affectionately known by a number!   After swimming a few days with the dolphins, some of their more distinguishing marks can help us novices remember who we’re seeing.  One of the dolphins that we saw quite a bit was Tilly. 

You can check out the project by going to:  

Kel also provides updates on their summer outings to collect data on the pod which always brings me back in touch with my experiences on the boat and with the dolphins!


What have I been up to… July 30, 2010

I’ve been getting back into the swing of life in the ‘burbs and have documented a few moments…

We enjoyed Longwood Gardens for their Friday night “Making Scents of Lavender” special (one of my all time favorites!).  They were serving some delicious lavender lemonade in the conservatory as well as giving a little lavender plant to everyone.  The lemonade was especially nice with it being as hot as it was that evening!

There is a beautiful water lily garden just outside the conservatory.  They were gorgeous!

Yours truly and mate, Bruce!

We had a wonderful cooling rain storm that came through on Sunday evening which gave a good soaking to our thirsty flowers and veggies.

We were able to pick some wonderfully tasty veggies for dinner.

And of course, a little time with Baby Cat!


Life After Bimini…. July 29, 2010

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been home for a week!   Bags are unpacked and we’ve settled back into life in Malvern. 

During our July 11th program week, Brenda El-Leithy joined was with us and  gave daily short workshops, discussions and exercises on the Power of Intention, the Law of Attraction, and the Power of Positive Feelings to shape our goals and create our reality.  As I organized my Bimini papers, I neatly put together the long-term challenges that Brenda gave to us to complete over the coming months.   One of the daily challenges that she gave to us was to monitor our thoughts and words and to be aware of whether or not we speak/think positively or negatively.  I have “watched” myself daily since then!  It’s wonderful to be reminded of our behaviours.  We all know what we should think/say and often don’t think twice about how our thoughts are formulated and then spoken!  Having Brenda gently remind us of this was quite powerful….thank-you Brenda, once again!  You can read more about Brenda and what she’s up to at her web site:

So here’s one of the challenges that I’ll be working on in the coming months.  The following phrases are to be completed; each with ten sentences.

  • I am…
  • I will not…
  • I would like…
  • I will…
  • I love…
  • I hate…

I can easily rattle off ten sentences for some of these but a few I will need to think about.  The “I hate” phrase is a powerful and difficult one for me!  Hate is such a strong emotion that isn’t a part of my nature which is why I will need to dig a little deeper within to come up with ten.  I guess that’s why it’s considered a challenge!

And one other daily challenge that Brenda left with us was to change the manner in which we speak our hopes, dreams, wishes.  Instead of saying, “wouldn’t it be great if….” I am now thinking and saying “won’t it be great when….”!  What a difference “when” says rather than “if”!!  It’s a statement of positive living and expectations!  Believing in our dreams and goals is what makes them happen and simply changing the way we speak about them brings them into our reality,  making them feel and sound much more authentic and substantial!

I leave you with these thoughts to ponder and perhaps incorporate into your own daily routine.

 This is from our garden…


Bimini last days July 20, 2010

Well, all good things come to an end and the last couple days in Bimini have been spent walking around, visiting with friends and, of course, enjoying the beach. 

I will post some additional pictures and activites in the days to come once I’m sitting at my computer at home.  But for now, while I wait for my flight home, I’ll replay in my mind some of my favorite dolphin moments and dream of the ones to come in October!


Bimini Fishing Adventure July 18, 2010

Brucie and a couple of others were at the Sea Crest Marina for an 8:15am fishing charter pick-up.   It was a beautiful morning with a breeze and temperatures in the mid 80s.  They came back at 12:30pm with over 30 fish! 

They had a great time!  Their guide helped to clean the lane snapper and trigger fish.  The trigger fish were fileted while the snapper scales were scraped off (head & tail left on).  I think every fly in Bimini was on the cleaning table……ick!

The afternoon was spent relaxing at the beach and swimming.  Later on we all gathered to begin our magnificent fish dinner preparations.  Here are the cooks hard at work!

Some of the fish was baked, some lightly fried and some grilled outside.  We added chopped onions, garlic and ginger and squeezed lime all over each tray and made a lovely salad, garlic pasta and beets.  It was sooooo yummy!  Many thanks to all.

Several decided to go out dancing afterwards while Brucie and I made our way back home.  It was such a beautiful evening for a walk.

And so ends another day in Bimini…


The Outbound Ferry to South Bimini July 17, 2010

Our last dolphin day on the water was a choppy one.  We met up with 6-8 spotted dolphins later in the day but the water was too rough to get in with them.  They swam at the bow, around the sides, towards the back and then back to the bow.  We joyfully watch them and were all happy that they came to greet us.  Eventually they departed and we pulled into calmer waters to go for a swim (closer to the shore).  We then headed back to the dock where we gathered for our final dinner together.  Our chef prepared a wonderful meal, once again, and a “death by chocolate” dessert!   Life is good!  We looked like a bunch of tourist as we all had our cameras out to take pictures of each other to capture the memories of sharing such a fantastic week together.

The final day arrived and everyone had their bags packed, said good-byes and hopped on the ferry to the airport.  It’s always so sad to see everyone leave the bubble of magic that we created during the week.  Until next time….

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, which of course included a nap and reading the last few chapters of the second Steig Larsson book.  I’m almost finished and had a hard time putting it down this morning but I want to save the last few pages for later.  Brucie and I went for a late swim at Spook Hill beach last night and then wandered through Bailey Town.  We stopped in to say hello to Miss Antoinette (who has a lovely little gift shop) and to Lamour ( whom I stayed with for my first two weeks here).  After our visits we went back to our room and enjoyed some fresh conch salad and vanilla ice cream! 

What could be better than ending the day with ice cream and a smile!


A Snorkel on the Atlantis Road and More Dolphins! July 16, 2010

We left the dock at 1:30p to stop at the Atlantis Road before searching for dolphins.  We had a little rain prior to leaving but it all blew out to sea and left us alone.  The skies were a bit overcast and eventually the sun came out but then later was hidden by more clouds.

We snorkeled the road for a couple of hours and had our lunch on the boat again.  We saw more colorful fish and many man-made looking stone in about 15-20 feet of water.

And we also had fun noddling and singing (Julie noodled for Martha who couldn’t join us this summer)!

We then headed out to the dolphin grounds and found several wild spotted dolphins fairly quickly!  We watched them from the bow and then got in and out of the water with them on three separate occasions.  Each swim was different based on their energy.  Since the water was a bit darker with the cloud cover, I decided to leave my camera on the boat for the final swim and enjoyed twirling and playing with them (hands free!).  Several of them swam very fast amongst us but we had others that slowed down and circled around us and followed us down when we dove.

And once again we were blessed with a wonderful day of dolphin swims!  We headed back to the dock for a delicious dinner back at the hotel that our chef, Patrick, cooked.  It was Italian night with lasagna and eggplant; topped off with carrot cake!

I went to bed brimming with great energy in my mind, body and soul…