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Swimming with Wild Spotted Dolphin in Bimini, Bahamas

Boji the Bottlenose Dolphin! April 21, 2010

Fellow dolphin enthusiast, Robert Alan-Haven has released his book “Boji”.  

BOJI is the story of a bottlenose dolphin with a passion for pursuing his individual destiny, wherever it may lead him. Robert Alan-Haven weaves a story of life within the dolphin pod, interactions with other marine life, and in particular, with humankind.

The parallel theme of Boji’s journey is the joy of learning. Many of his adventures come from his drive to push against the limits of the known, to expand his boundaries, to incorporate more and more of the unknown within his experience of being a dolphin in the oceans of the world.

Alive only because his pregnant mother was rescued from drift netting by a chance encounter with scuba divers, Boji is born with a strong affinity for humans, and his life choices bring him into increasing contact with the ‘land-based bipeds’ until it becomes obvious that his destiny involves their presence in his life.

Boji is an entertaining, highly readable allegory of our own journey of discovery, and his story has something to offer readers of all ages.

To contact Robert for more information, he can be reached at

By Robert Alan-Haven
ISBN 978-1-907219-13-9
170 pages £9.99

Published by Jumping Fish
An imprint of Peak Platform


Wild Dolphin Consciousness – A Poem April 9, 2010

We swirl.   We swim.

We are joy.  We are love.

Open up to our natural state.

Swim with love.  Be in joy.

Feel the vibrations, they are powerful!

Are they not?


We are smiles.  We are laughter.

We are present.  We are now.

Join in our ecstasy. Be filled with our presence.

Expand your heart.  Fill your heart.

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A Day of Wild Dolphin Swimming! April 5, 2010

I thought I would share one of my special dolphin swims.  It’s actually hard to pick out just one because there are so many memorable ones and each encounter with a wild dolphin is special in its own right.  However, this one was particularly special to me as I had wanted to see a wild dolphin jump out of the water within close range of me.  I had this wish prior to even arriving on the island and then forgot about it as we proceeded to have a lovely week of fun, laughter, dolphins and gorgeous weather. 

We often see the spotted dolphins jumping in the distance while we’re cruising around looking for them.  This actually helps us locate them.   On this particular day we had come across a mother and baby.  Since the baby was rather young, we weren’t sure if the mother was going to be receptive to having us in the water with them.  I got in to test the waters while the others watched from the boat to see the mother’s reaction.  They both started to swim away from me when the little one turned around and swam directly towards me.  Oh, he was so sweet!  He clicked and squeaked and checked me out!  Mom came over and they both swam in front of me and  made a few passes back and forth.  Soon the others on the boat joined in the fun and the mother and baby were swimming in and out of all of us.  After a several minutes of this, they both took off in true dolphin style: effortlessly swimming off into the blue.  We all hung out in the water for a bit hoping for their return.  Sure enough, they headed back to us for some more playing.  I luckily had popped my head out of the water to clear my snorkel when Mom made a beautiful jump, clear out of the water and over our heads!  This wasn’t just any old jump though.  She jumped out and did a flip!  It was amazing! I had never seen an adult wild dolphin do this before and so close to us swimmers!  I was so awe-struck that my camera remained at my side.  I quickly lowered my head back into the water to watch her swim by me.  She surfaced for a breath and to slap the water with her tail.   She was calling to her baby and they left shortly thereafter.

We hung in the water for a few moment and then climbed back onto the boat.  I was elated at having witnessed her jump and flip and started saying this to the swimmer next to me.  No sooner had the words left my mouth then not too far away Mom jumped about ten feet into the air!  Wow!   And then she did it again, even higher this time!  It was truly spectacular, like one would see at a marine shows!  What  joy!  I felt so privileged and blessed to have been there for this gift and  experience.  I will never forget their precious visit with us!

It wasn’t until the next day as I was journaling my previous day’s experience that I recalled having wished witnessing a wild dolphin jump within close proximity.  It was as if this dolphin had known of my wish and made it come true in a way I will always remember.  My wish appeared in the most beautiful way and only to confirm to myself once more how very special these wild dolphins are and my many magical moments on Bimini.